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BML operates on a commercial basis as an unlisted public company, with 42,500,000 listed shares and over 150 predominantly industry-related shareholders, including growers, wholesalers, secondary wholesalers, retailers and the industry organisation Brismark.

Subject to the future financial performance BML and its operations as well as its ongoing future cash flow requirements (including funding required for existing and future projects), the Directors intend to achieve a dividend payout ratio in the range of 60-75% of Net Profits After Tax (excluding any property valuation and any “Mark to Market” adjustments) with all dividends to be fully franked.

The balance of retained earnings is expected to be used by BML to assist in the ongoing funding of development projects.


Annual Report

Brisbane Markets Annual Report - 2016/17

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Board of Directors

Anthony (Tony) Joseph Chairman

Anthony (Tony) Joseph Chairman


Tony is a director of a number of private companies with interests in fruit and vegetable wholesaling and exporting with 44 years experience in the Brisbane Markets.

Director since incorporation – 4 July 1994, Director of a number of private companies with interests in fruit and vegetable wholesaling and previous longstanding member of the Brisbane Market Trust. Chairman of the Board since 11 November 1997. Current Director of Brisbane Broncos Limited and Director of Brisbane Broncos Leagues Club.

Anthony (Tony) Kelly Deputy Chairman

Anthony (Tony) Kelly Deputy Chairman


Tony is a qualified lawyer having graduated from the University of Queensland in 1984.

Director since November 2001. Currently Chairman and co-owner of an emerging technology company Veracity IT, specialising in cloud-based platforms and services. A former lawyer with previous directorships of Gladstone Ports Corporation, Brisbane Lions AFL Football Club (Chairman), Brismark (President) and Carter and Spencer Group. Also has business interests with First Class Capital and Cruise Holidays Australia.

Bruce Hatcher

Bruce Hatcher


Bruce is an independent Director who brings considerable corporate expertise to the Board.

Director since 21 November 2012. Extensive experience in Chartered Accounting covering many industry sectors, and consults to and serves on the Boards of several private and/or family-owned businesses. Currently Chairman of Queensland Rugby League and a Director of the MTAA Superannuation Fund. Formerly the Deputy Chairman and Director of 20 years of the Queensland Academy of Sport.

Stuart Lummis

Stuart Lummis


Stuart Lummis has over 30 years’ experience as a Senior Executive with 15 years as a non-executive director on several boards.

Director since November 2013. Extensive experience in large publicly listed groups in addition to not-for-profit organisations. Currently the Director for building, planning, facilities and property with a not-for-profit organisation. A non-executive Director of RSL Care and RDNS, member of the Property Council of Queensland.

Evonne Collier

Evonne Collier

SA Fin

Ms Collier is an agile and highly experienced leader combining current board and governance experience with a successful career in strategic marketing and commercial leadership roles across a diverse range of industries in both blue-chip and multi-national organisations.

Director since 1 August 2016. Independent Director of a number of companies, and has over 20 years senior executive experience in business management, marketing, sales, branding and communication in local blue-chip and multinational companies, including 10 years within market-leading food manufacturing companies.

Noel Greenhalgh

Noel Greenhalgh


Noel has a comprehensive knowledge of the fruit and vegetable industry, having been Managing Director of RW Pascoe, a leading Brisbane Markets fruit and vegetable wholesaling business since 1989.

Director from 9 September 1997 until 22 September 1998, re-elected as a Director by shareholders on 16 November 1999 until resignation on 17 January 2002. Reappointed as a Director on 18 March 2003. Director of a number of private companies with interests in fruit and vegetable wholesaling, production & exporting.

Peter Tighe

Peter Tighe


Peter is a director of a number of private companies with interests in fruit and vegetable wholesaling and marketing.

Director from 18 November 1994 until 22 September 1998. Reappointed as a Director on 16 November 1999. Current CEO of Global Fresh Australia T/A J H Leavy & Co, and a Director with interests in the fruit and vegetable wholesaling, importing and exporting industry.

Andrew Young

Andrew Young

Bachelor of Commerce
Bachelor of Agricultural Science (Hons)
Diploma of Corporate Management

Andrew has a history of employment at a senior management level with extensive experience in policy formulation, service development and industry representation.

Managing Director from 1 January 2000 and appointed to Chief Executive Officer of Brisbane Markets Limited on 1 October 2002, while retaining the position of Chief Executive Officer of Brismark. Extensive managerial experience, with tertiary qualifications in Agricultural Science, Accounting and Corporate Management. He also has detailed knowledge of the operations of the fresh produce industry, Central Markets and property development and management. Current Director of Perth Markets Limited, BuyFruit Pty Ltd, Fresh Markets Australia (FMA) and the Central Markets Association of Australia (CMAA).

Strategic Plan

BML released its new Strategic Plan in November 2017. The Plan highlights BML’s Mission and the Board’s strategic focus over the five-year period of 2017-2022.

Download a copy of the summary of the Strategic Plan by clicking here.

The plan seeks to build on the growth, direction and success of the organisation since acquiring the Markets in 2002. Five strategic priority areas have been identified as follows:

Site utilisation;
Business development and diversification;
Stakeholder relations and positioning;
Capital and asset management; and
People and culture.

These strategic priorities are supported by a range of projects.

Implementation of the plan will be an ongoing process as the projects are actioned, the required policies are agreed, opportunities are identified and delivery programs are developed and implemented.

A range of results-based progress indicators and milestones are also listed on the Plan to benchmark the Plans implementation progress and success.

Share Transaction Sales History

Download a copy of the 2017/18 Share Transaction Sales History report.

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Share Trading

As an unlisted public company, shares in BML are not traded on the Australian Stock Exchange or any other share trading exchange system. BML does, however, maintain a register of parties interested in buying shares in the company and offers guidance in the process.

If a shareholder wants to sell shares in the company they can do so by private treaty where they have identified a buyer, or alternatively advise BML and provide information which will be circulated to all parties who have registered an interest in buying shares. The individuals concerned can then negotiate
a price and progress the sale.

If a sale is finalised, BML’s share registry, Link Market Services, must be sent a copy of the original stamped transfer form so that the change of ownership can be recorded on the company’s share register.

People interested in buying or selling shares in BML, or who need any information in this regard, may register their interest by emailing or completing the enquiry form.

Link Market Services
Level 15
324 Queen Street
Brisbane Qld 4000
Shareholder inquiries: 1300 554 474

Figures as at 30 June 2017.

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