Service Providers

BML has implemented policies relating to all works undertaken at this site to provide a clear framework for the management of risk, liability and Work Health and Safety (WHS) requirements at the Brisbane Markets®.

All service providers undertaking works at this site must comply with these policies and ensure they and their staff complete annual site inductions.

Site Access Policy

This policy exists to ensure all service providers accessing this site are appropriately licensed, insured and have completed the necessary site induction.

Access to the Markets will not be permitted where service providers fail to meet these requirements.

View Service Provider Site Access Policy

You can apply for access to the Brisbane Markets® as a service provider by completing an application form by clicking the button below.

Apply to become a Service Provider

Site Inductions

All service providers and their employees working on the Brisbane Markets® site must complete a Site Induction every 12 months.

This is a mandatory requirement to ensure the safety of everyone using this site.

Site Inductions can be completed online via the button below.

Once you have completed your Site Induction, print the certificate of completion and present it to the Site Service Centre to complete the induction process.


LPR Registration Application

Licence Plate Recognition (LPR) Technology has been installed at each of the boom gated entrances to the Brisbane Markets.

The system works by reading the licence plate of vehicles approaching the boom gates. If the licence plate is recognised as being LPR registered, the boom gate will rise automatically.

Vehicles that are not LPR registered will not have automatic access to the Brisbane Markets. Drivers of these vehicles may continue to use their Access Cards (where vehicle access is permitted) for entry.

Where drivers don’t have Access Cards, they will need to use the Main Entrance or Western Gate Entrance and report their reason for accessing the Brisbane Markets to a Market Officer.

Forklift and motorbike licence plates cannot be read by LPR technology and are therefore not eligible for LPR registration.

Who can apply for LPR Registration?

Any person who has BML authorised vehicle access to the Brisbane Markets including:

  • Access approved Tenants / Tenant Employees
  • Access approved Buyers
  • Access approved Service Providers
  • Access approved Transporters – Transport operators will need to apply under a separate form. Contact BML’s Site Services Office at: for more details.

Conditions of LPR Registration

  • Only one vehicle can be LPR registered per person.
  • Any acts of non-compliance with the Brisbane Markets Regulations may lead to BML deregistering vehicles from the LPR system.
  • Applicants must supply an email address. LPR registration will not be approved if an email address is not provided.
  • LPR registration will be automatically suspended where LPR registered vehicles don’t enter the Brisbane Markets within a three-month period.
  • The owner of the LPR registered vehicle must advise BML via email within 24 hours:
    – If the vehicle is sold
    – If the vehicle is being used by a person who does not hold a valid BML Access Card.
  • An LPR registration application will need to be completed for newly acquired vehicles.
  • The driver and all passengers of an LPR registered vehicle entering the Brisbane Markets must all hold valid BML Access Cards.

LPR Registration Application

Purchase Order Terms and Conditions

When providing goods or services Brisbane Markets Limited, all service providers are bound by the Purchase Order Terms and Conditions if there is no formal contract in place in relation to the goods, works, or services.

A copy of the Purchase Order Terms and Conditions can be downloaded by clicking the button below.

View Purchase Order Terms and Conditions

Alterations and Additions

This policy expands on standard lease requirements for Tenant works and provides more specific obligations in relation to:

  • the application process;
  • BML’s conditional consent;
  • requirements for service providers contracted by Tenants to carry out works;
  • legislative considerations;
  • insurance considerations; and
  • town planning requirements.

All Tenant alterations and additions works at this site must be approved by BML before they progress. It is the responsibility of service providers to ensure they receive a copy of BML’s approval before commencing works.

Service providers should request a copy of BML’s Alterations and Additions Policy from their client when they are engaged to perform works at the Brisbane Markets®.

Service providers requiring additional information or to submit an application for alterations and additions can contact BML’s Property Department on (07) 3915 4323 or via email