About Wholesalers

The Brisbane Produce Market is Queensland’s only Central Market, home to over 50 wholesalers who receive fresh produce from over 7,000 growers and trade five days a week to more than 800 registered buyers.

Wholesalers at the Brisbane Produce Market represent a vital link in the supply chain which plays a significant role in determining the price paid by consumers for fresh produce.

The Brisbane Produce Market allows wholesalers to compete with each other in one location, each trying to get the best price for the produce they sell. Prices change on a daily basis, influenced by supply and demand, with factors such as size and quality also playing a part.

Fresh produce traded by wholesalers at the Brisbane Produce Market equates to an annual turnover of $1.3 billion, which is no small potatoes!

Wholesaler / Produce Matching

Wholesalers operating out of the Brisbane Produce Market each deal in a variety of produce lines. These will change throughout the year depending on availability, seasonality and demand.

Wholesaler / Produce Matching is a search function that enables users to link each wholesaler with the produce lines that fall within their field of expertise.

If you know the wholesaler you are looking for, you can search by wholesaler to find their details directly.

Site Inductions

All Tenants and their employees working on the Brisbane Markets® site must complete a Site Induction every 12 months.

This is a mandatory requirement to ensure the safety of everyone using this site.

Site Inductions can be completed online via the button below.

Once you have completed your Site Induction, print the certificate of completion and present it to the Site Service Centre to complete the induction process.


Markets Regulations

With so many people working and doing business on the Brisbane Markets® site daily, Brisbane Markets Limited (BML) has developed a set of rules known as the Brisbane Markets® Regulations.

These Regulations exist to promote the safe, responsible and effective operation of the Markets and include set of rules which govern site access, traffic management, waste and pest management and requirements that all Market users comply with relevant legislation.

To provide tenants and other Market users with a user-friendly overview of the Regulations and the Traffic Management Plan, BML has developed a Guide to the Regulations.

Tenants should always refer to the Regulations for a detailed understanding of the operating rules that apply to this site.

Brisbane Markets Regulations
Brisbane Markets Regulations
Brisbane Markets Regulations Guide
Brisbane Markets Regulations Guide

Wholesaler Support and Industry Initiatives

Brismark is a member organisation which represents and serves the needs of the wholesaling sector of the fresh fruit and vegetable industry – in particular the primary Wholesalers that operate out of the Brisbane Produce Market.

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The Brisbane Produce Market proudly supports the Your Local Fruit Shop marketing campaign. This campaign encourages consumers to purchase fresh fruit and vegetables from Your Local Fruit Shop – independent fruit and vegetable retailers.

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BuyFruit delivers fresh produce and grocery items straight from Your Local Fruit Shop,
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