Be prepared for stormy weather

Storms and cyclonic winds have been a reoccuring theme over the holiday period and the Brisbane Markets has not escaped unscathed.

With a major clean up necesary after the storm cell hit the Markets on 15 December and isolated events causing water inudation in some areas, it is timely to review steps every business can undertake to reduce the damage from storm activity.

The remediation works to address the damage caused by December’s storm cost Brisbane Markets Limited (BML) in excess of $500,000.

An uprooted tree precariously positioned on the roof of a bus shelter on Sherwood Road.

Protecting Brisbane Markets

In preparation for storm season, BML reviews all storm water drains and box gutters via drone, and clears areas as necessary to ensure there are no obstructions in the event of a storm.

If pre-warning is available, BML will also distribute communications via bulletin to alert Tenants to potential storm activity that could impact Brisbane Markets, and Market Officers will conduct visual checks on creek levels and drains to supplement the site’s automated flood monitoring system.

Once a storm has impacted the site, BML will patrol the site and check for signs of water incursion and other damage, including blocked roads, drains and other infrastructure damage. Any damage to tenancies, vehicles or stock will be immediately reported to the Tenant.

Protecting your business

The effects of natural disasters can be devastating. Having plans in place and being prepared can assist in a quicker recovery and reduced disruption, with everyone in your business knowing what to do in the case of a storm. Suggestions include:

  • developing policies and procedures for emergency situations;
  • ensuring staff are trained and up-to-date with procedures;
  • conducting regular emergency training within your business; and
  • developing emergency kits.

When the risk of storms increases, Tenants should be ready to enact storm management plans to ensure that bin lids are secured and any loose items are stored inside Tenancy Areas.

Business Queensland has a range of resources to help businesses prepare for natural disasters, including preparing buisness continuity plans and emergency kits.


During summer there is an increased risk of power surges and outages due to various reasons, including excessive demand on the electricity grid during heatwaves.

While BML supplies electricity through our embedded network, external factors affecting the supply of power to this site can be beyond our control.

BML strongly encourages Tenants to prepare for the likelihood of power outages during summer and it is recommended that Tenants have on-call arrangements with their refrigeration Service Providers to reset equipment where necessary, and ensure that equipment is operating as it should.

It is also recommended that Tenants speak to their IT providers for advice on protecting their computer systems against power surges and outages.

BML will use all reasonable endeavours to make Tenants aware of any outages through Market Bulletins and SMS text messages and will respond to any power-related issues on site as a matter of priority.


In the event of a power outage or other events affecting your communications including your phone, fax or internet services, BML recommends Tenants contact their telecommunications Service Provider in the first instance. Your provider will generally be able identify the issue at no cost.

If there is a site infrastructure fault affecting your communications systems that requires urgent attention, please contact BML’s Maintenance Department. For all non-urgent works, please raise a Maintenance Request.

Who to contact?

On site emergencies

  • Main Gatehouse: (07) 3915 4274 

Maintenance requests

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