Everything you need to work and do business at Brisbane Markets.


A Tenant is a business entity that leases or subleases space from Brisbane Markets Limited, such as warehouses, selling floors, offices or retail premises within the Brisbane Markets. 


A Buyer is a person who has registered with Brisbane Markets Limited for the purpose of purchasing wholesale fruit and vegetables from Primary Wholesalers within the Brisbane Produce Market. 


A Service Provider is a business entity that requires site access in order to conduct works or provide services to Brisbane Markets Limited or to Tenants operating within the Brisbane Markets.

From Monday, 9 October 2023, all Service Providers must re-register their details by clicking on the Service Provider Registrations icon below. Registrations must be completed by Friday, 10 November 2023.


A Grower is a farmer who grows horticultural produce such as fruit, vegetables or ancillary products for the purpose of supplying Brisbane Markets wholesalers. If a Grower is also required to deliver produce to the Brisbane Markets, they will need to register as a Transporter. 

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