What fresh produce is in season during autumn?

As the weather cools down and the leaves change colour, the best produce available for the season also changes.

In Australia, we are blessed with a variety of growing regions across the country. As one region finishes producing, another region with a different climate will be ready to take its place.
But what are the season’s specialities to look out for this autumn?

Which fruit are in season in autumn?

The melons come to the fore in autumn, so keep an eye out for juicy watermelons and rockmelons when you are at the Saturday Fresh Market.

When it comes to lunchboxes, it’s hard to go past crunchy apples, sweet pears and the wide selection of grapes on offer in autumn.

For something different, autumn is the ideal time for pomegranates, quince, figs, persimmon and papaya. Then, as winter gets closer, you’ll see more variety of citrus available at our fruit and vegetable stalls.

What vegetables are in season in autumn?

With the colder weather comes a desire for warmer meals: think hearty soups, pasta and stir fries.

To keep those tummies full, pumpkins, potatoes and sweet potatoes are all great options for roasts, mash and soups.

Autumn is also the time for the brassica family of vegetables, so keep an eye out for Brussels sprouts, broccoli, cauliflower and kale for your soups, stir fries and side dishes.

For something different, try roasted eggplant, celeriac, fennel or radicchio. Tomato varieties are also plentiful in autumn, so add them to pastas and soups to keep you warm.

Looking for some recipe inspiration? Check out our favourite seasonal recipes here.

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