Cut costs not quality at the Saturday Fresh Market

At the Saturday Fresh Market, we believe that stretching your grocery budget shouldn’t mean sacrificing quality or nutrition.

As households grapple with the ever-increasing cost of living, many market customers report that they can keep their food costs under control by shopping at the Saturday Fresh Market.

Judy from Chapel Hill has been coming to the Saturday Fresh Market with her family for 16 years.

“Fresh fruit and vegetables are much cheaper at the Saturday Fresh Market and you can always get what you want. I love that the produce is all top quality and fresh,” Judy said.

“It’s also easier to prevent food waste, because I can buy exactly what I need rather than a big, pre-package bag of produce.

“The freshness of the produce also means I don’t have to keep returning to the shops every couple of days, once a week is enough to keep me stocked with fresh fruit and vegetables.”

For Jeff and Franc from Annerley, it’s the variety of food that keeps them coming back every single week.

“You can find all sorts of produce here. We like to buy a mystery fruit or vegetable each week – you just can’t do that at the big supermarkets,” Jeff and Franc said.

“The prices keep us returning too, more than just fresh produce. The cheese is often a third of the price and the plants are all cheaper than the big guys. With the food stalls in general, the offering is good quality and tasty.

“Shopping at the Saturday Fresh Market keeps our costs down and is cheaper than the major supermarkets generally.”

For Redbank Plains parents Scott and Mandy, shopping at the Saturday Fresh Market helps them to keep their fridge full to feed their growing family.

“We come every fortnight because the prices are cheap compared to the big supermarket chains, it really helps with the cost of living,” Scott and Mandy said.

“We spend about $40 to $50 on veggies at the Saturday Fresh Market but it is often double that at the supermarket. We can buy so much at the market that we often struggle to get it all in the fridge!”

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