Festive shopping for family favourites

There’s plenty of reasons to return to the Saturday Fresh Market week after week, and the Christmas period is no different!

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Kiana, Jemanda, Toriq, Chris and Taane from Camp Hill

The Saturday Fresh Market is perfect for a family outing while getting the chore of grocery shopping out of the way for the week.

Kiana, Jemanda, Toriq, Chris and Taane travel from Camp Hill almost every week.

 “We love convenience and the food, particularly the langos and the iced tea! The kids get to choose their own fresh produce for the week, corn is definitely a favourite! The fruit and vegetables are always really good quality,” they said.

For Rosie, Elizabeth, Will and Oliver, the Saturday Fresh Market is a great way to get out of the house as a family.

“It’s fun to bring the kids along, and the proffertjes are definitely their favourite. We like the selection of fresh produce and plants: we’re landscaping at home so we will fill out the garden beds with our purchases,” they said.

Rosie, Elizabeth, Will and Oliver from Moorooka

For some families, the Saturday Fresh Market is the ideal outing for catching up with their adult children.

Mum Nicole lives in Kangaroo Point, while daughter Tayla is in Forest Lake, so the Saturday Fresh Market is the perfect middle meeting point.

“We meet here every weekend; we love it and always tell people to do themselves a favour and come along. Once they finally come, they can’t believe how great it is,” they said.

“We love the cost and the variety. You can find fruit and vegetables you’ve never seen before, and the stallholders will even tell you how to use them.”

Sophie and Rhonda from Birkdale

Sophie and Rhonda might live together in Birkdale but since they work from home, they head to the Saturday Fresh Market once a month to get out of the house.

Marley, Nick, Ava and Emily from Oxley

“It’s our Saturday morning ritual. We like supporting the little guy, and the prices are always so good here. We love the fruit and vegetable stalls and all the plants, also can’t forget the bakeries!”

Reasons to love the new venue

Whether it’s the convenient parking, the all-weather venue or just the vibe, our regulars are loving the new location of the Saturday Fresh Market.

“We love the new venue; it is convenient on rainy days and keeps you out of the sun in summer,” Tayla and Nicole said.

Marley, Nick, Ava and Emily said that the freshness of the produce is the reason they return week after week.

“We all love the new venue, it’s fantastic! It can rain and it doesn’t even matter. The parking is really easy and the kids love the food,” they said.

Matt and Beth from Graceville

Matt from Graceville has been coming to the Saturday Fresh Market for five years and two years ago, Beth started joining him.

“We really like the new venue, it is nice in all weather, the fairy lights are a nice touch, and the parking is better than before. Everything is great value and we particularly like the honey and Yianni’s Olives,” they said.

For a few shoppers it was their first time attending the market since it moved to its new location in February.

“This is our first time back after having a bit of a break. The new venue is really great and it has such a nice vibe,” Rosie, Elizabeth, Will and Oliver said.

Ellie and Brad from Munruben

Ellie and Brad from Munruben agreed, saying: “It seems like a nice layout. It’s cool and protected from the elements. Brad comes for the All About Meat stall and Ellie loves all the produce and plants. It’s all so fresh and good quality,” they said.

Christmas favourites for everyone

With Christmas just around the corner, the Saturday Fresh Market regulars are already planning what they are going to buy from the Festive Fresh Market.

For some, buying fresh fruit and vegetables on Christmas Eve will be the drawcard.

“We will make some epic salads and get lots of fresh fruit from Paul’s Premium Produce,” Matt and Beth said.

Sophie and Rhonda said: “We will probably pick up all our fruit and vegetables at the Festive Fresh Market and then grab some last-minute gifts.”

“We will grab vegies for salads, watermelon, cherries and mangoes from the Festive Fresh Market. Plus we can’t forget a gingerbread house from the Little Gingerbread Cottage!” Kiana, Jemanda, Toriq, Chris and Taane said.

Others have their eye on a wider selection, especially the meat on offer from our butcher trucks.

“We will probably grab a big rack of pork ribs for lunch from All About Meat, their steak is also unbelievably good,” Ellie and Brad said.

Marley, Nick, Ava and Emily said: “We’ll probably grab some mini roasts to cook on a spit.”

Tayla and Nicole from Forest Lake and Kangaroo Point

Meanwhile, Tayla and Nicole have their Christmas lunch shopping all planned out.

“For Christmas, we will get olives from Yianni’s, deli items from Dunav Smallgoods and seafood from Butcher Boys/Seafood Direct at the Festive Fresh Market.”

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