Five Valentine’s gifts you can get from the Saturday Fresh Market

Ahhhh, Valentine’s Day. The day to celebrate love. What a wonderful time of the year!

With less than two weeks to go until Valentine’s Day the pressure is mounting to get your significant other the perfect gift. If you’ve been wracking your brain trying to come up with ideas, this is the list for you! We’ve got five fabulous gifts you can get right here at the Saturday Fresh Market, so read on you hopeless romantic.

1. The old faithful: Flowers

It’s one of the oldest Valentine’s Day traditions for a reason – a bouquet of roses is floral shorthand for love and passion. The gorgeous colours and fragrant scent are guaranteed to make the lucky recipient feel the love.

Of course, why constrain yourself? Multi Flowers and Freddy’s Flowers are chock full of bouquets of different sizes, colours and shapes that will suit any budget.

Worried about the fleeting nature of a bouquet of fresh flowers? Keep an eye out for natives along with dried and preserved flowers to keep the love going longer, or consider giving a potted plant so the love never stops.

2. Sparkling gems: Jewellery and accessories

Another Valentine’s classic. If diamonds are a bit out of budget, we’ve got something just right for you! With lots of unique and handcrafted jewellrey and other trinkets to choose from you’re sure to find a great gift for everyone.

Designs by Sparrow, Ken’s Watches, Trend Patrol Sunglasses and Fat Kitten are just a selection of the stalls to browse for presents.

3. Decadent delights: Sweets treats

Fall in love with the many and varied gourmet treats on offer at the Saturday Fresh Market. The Little Gingerbread Cottage bakes delightful Valentine’s themed gingerbread fresh for the market. Because doesn’t everyone want to be told they’re loved by cookie-gram?

If you’re looking for other tasty sweets, Amy Sargeantson Chocolates, Corneilia’s Vegan Bakery, To Bread, Little French Bakery, Sprout Bakery, Peter’s Fudge and Mrs Frost can sort you out with a delicious selection of chocolates and other sweet treats.

4. Gifts for greenthumbs: Plants and pots

With around ten plant stalls plus a range of gardening accessories, your sure to find something special in our dedicated plant stalls covering the dedicated plant aisles at the front of the market.

Whether you’re looking for pot plants, flowers, foliage, fruit trees or veggie seedlings for your favourite greenthumb, you’re sure to find a present that meets your budget.

5. A touch of luxury: Candles and other scents

Give the gift of relaxation with candles, essential oils, bath bombs, soaps and more from stalls like The Attik and Red Lane Candles. With these amazing gifts you’ll give the gift of a relaxing spa day from the comfort of your own home!

We’ve given you a whole bunch of ideas, so go forth! The Saturday Fresh Market is a wonderful place to find a Valentine’s gift and if all else fails you’ve taken your other half on a great morning date. We’ll see you this weekend!

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