Fun date ideas that won’t break the bank

You meet someone, sparks fly, and you exchange phone numbers. After some witty banter, you agree to meet up and set the first date. You’re excited, of course. But then they do something so shocking you’re ready to pull the pin on the whole thing: they ask you on a ‘dinner and a movie’ date. C’mon, surely there’s much better ways to get to know a person?

Maybe you’re stuck for original first date ideas or perhaps you’ve been together so long you’re looking for something new to do? If you are looking for a unique idea that will impress your date without breaking the bank, we’ve compiled a list of inspired by the Saturday Fresh Market.

1. Visit the Saturday Fresh Market

Start the date by grabbing a coffee, some breakfast and chill out as you are entertained by the live music in the food court. 

Then wandering the aisles of the Saturday Fresh Market is a fun way to get to know your date. Are they a sweet or a savoury person? Do they like the plants or do they need to pick up a treat for fur baby?

As an added bonus, you can pick up fresh Valentine’s Day flowers, delicious chocolates or unique jewellery from one of the stallholders!

2. Enjoy a walk in the park

The Oxley Creek Common is just a few hundred metres down the road from the Saturday Fresh Market, and provides a perfect location for a stroll. If you’re feeling more adventurous, there’s a range of great mountain walks within an hour or two of Brisbane.

Queensland is such a beautiful place, why not take advantage of the scenery and invite your date for some fresh air and exercise? Bonus – there’s no set time for a walk, so if you’re not feeling it you can always cut the walk short.

While you’re at the Saturday Fresh Market, grab some snacks or iced tea to provide some refreshments on your walk.

3. Go for a picnic

If you want to take your date to the next level, complete the outing with a gourmet picnic. It’s easy to grab a selection of cheese, antipasto, sliced meat and fresh fruit and vegetables while you’re at the Saturday Fresh Market. You might even score a picnic rug and basket to go along with it!

Join us at the Saturday Fresh Market to stock up on your must-have date or Valentine’s Day supplies!

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