Make shopping social at the Saturday Fresh Market

We may be known for keeping it fresh, but the Saturday Fresh Market is also a place where friendships are born and blossom.

Whether it’s the camaraderie between stallholders, the trusted advice between a customer and their favourite stall or the gathering place for catch ups with family and friends, the Saturday Fresh Market is its own community.

Lyn (Laidley) and Judy (Gold Coast).

Friends for 50 years, Lyn and Judy have been using the Saturday Fresh Market as a regular outing for the last eight years.

“The atmosphere and the smell are beautiful. Both the stallholders and customers are really friendly, we meet new people and get to know them over time,” they said.

Alberto and Tina (Raceview).

Recently, the pair moved an hour away from the market in different directions with Lyn moving west to Laidley and Judy moving south to the Gold Coast.

Originally, they planned on only visiting once a month, but the distance hasn’t proved an obstacle to their friendship or their shopping habits.

“The food where we live isn’t as good, so we still come fortnightly. It’s totally worth the drive for the quality of produce and to socialise.

“The new venue is so much easier; the parking is much better and doesn’t matter if it is raining or it is too sunny. Car park to here, journey is much easier than at the old venue.”

For Alberto and Tina, it is the cultural connections that keep them coming back each week.

“Popa’s Snack Bar is our favourite, their Cuban sandwiches are the best and they speak my language,” Alberto said.

“We love the environment at the Saturday Fresh Market, we come every week and catch up with our friends. The venue is very clean and well organised.”

“All the fruit and vegetables are so fresh, the bakeries are awesome, and all the coffee and food is excellent,” Tina said.

Corine (Robertson) and Ellen (Mt Gravatt).

For the last ten years, Ellen has come to the Saturday Fresh Market weekly while Corinne joins her once a month. The pair admitted they were very apprehensive to the move to the new all-weather venue.

“It took a bit to warm up to the new venue but now we think it is better. We like that it is covered, and the parking is great,” they said.

“We love the variety, the price and all the extras: coffee, plants, olives, honey.”

Julian (Camp Hill) and Eve (Coorparoo).
Emma (Greenslopes) and Indigo (Holland Park).

Friends Julian and Eve have been attending the Saturday Fresh Market since 2020 but have recently convinced other friends to join them on their market visits.

“The new venue is much more accessible and so much easier with the concrete floor,” they said.

“It’s a cheap alternative. With the rising cost of groceries, it’s a great way to cut costs. We really love wandering through the plants.”

It’s been a while since Emma has visited the Saturday Fresh Market, but recently she joined Indigo who attends monthly.

“We love the vibe of the Saturday Fresh Market! The prices are way better than the supermarket and everything is in one place,” they said.

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