Market-goers love the new look Saturday Fresh Market

The Saturday Fresh Market is back and market-goers are raving about our new, all-weather venue.

With the same great stalls everyone knows and loves, the huge selection of products, and a fantastic atmosphere: it’s all about the vibe at the Saturday Fresh Market!

Julie Whitcombe from Jamboree Heights was impressed with the short walk from the car park to the new market venue.

“The Multi-level Car Park is great. You can walk right across the bridge and stay dry all the way,” Julie said.

The reopening of the Saturday Fresh Market couldn’t come soon enough for Louisa and John of Jamboree Heights.

“Great to be back, we’ve been hanging it for it,” they said.

Roman Hifo from Mt Ommaney was ready for a very wet market day, and was pleasantly surprised when he stayed high and dry.

“The new venue is so good. We thought we’d need umbrellas, raincoats, the works!  We haven’t opened our umbrellas once. So easy to do your shopping,” Roman said.

Jared Shepherd brought international guest Louise Moehrke along to our reopening, and set the standard by which she will judge all markets from now on!

“Louise is visiting from Vienna, Austria and this is the first market she has been to,” Jared said.

“Are all markets in Brisbane like this?  You’ve set the bar very high,” Louise commented.

Brandi Lee and Scott Aldred have recently moved to Hawthorne from New South Wales and are known to their family as the ‘unofficial promoters of the Saturday Fresh Market’.

“The new venue is perfect. It feels both like a more open market, but also cosy and close together,” they said.

“We were a bit worried we’d get wet, but we didn’t feel a drop, the roof is great. We never have to worry about the weather, you can come when it’s raining, no problem.”

Cath Nichols tried to find an alternative to the Saturday Fresh Market during our extended closure, but no other markets came close!

“We’ve been waiting for you to reopen and tried out other markets in the meantime, but none had the variety that you find on a Saturday in Rocklea,” Cath said.

“Here we can get everything we need in one place with a great variety of the best quality fruit and veg.”

“I can imagine the relief of stallholders to not have to deal with the weather. This new venue is perfect.”

Suzanna Tal and John Herbert had their reservations about the move to the new venue, but now that they have tried it for themselves they are in love.

“I was worried when I heard it was all undercover that it would be too closed in, but the market is actually quite open,” they said.

“I love an open-air market experience and the vibe here is so welcoming.”

It’s not just the customers that are raving about the new-look venue, with stallholders expressing their delight at being back in operation.

“We’re so happy to be back. I have heard from hundreds of people already that they are so happy we are back. Our customers missed us a lot,” Cindy Nham from Healthy Lifestyle Fruit and Vegetables said.

“They tried supermarkets while we were closed, but they couldn’t get the quality that we have.”

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