More than a market, it’s a vibe

A family outing, a weekly catch-up, or an excuse to get out of the house: the Saturday Fresh Market can do it all.

Even better? Just by shopping at the Saturday Fresh Market you are supporting hundreds of local small businesses. Top it all off with cost-effective grocery staples and you’ve got a great start to your weekend.

Mother and daughter duo, Diane and Megan, head to the Saturday Fresh Market every weekend. It’s a routine that started when Megan’s children were babies and continues 15 years later.

“We buy everything here: meat, fish, bread, plants, fruit, vegetables, cheese, eggs and toys. And we always end with a coffee,” they said.

“Coming to the market inspires what we cook in the week; it gives us so many ideas, and buying in season means everything is always great quality and price.

“Megan’s entire garden came from the Saturday Fresh Market; we love getting native from Cesars Plants.

“We were apprehensive when the market first moved across the road, but now we really love the new all-weather venue. It is so much easier for parking and walking around.”

Tuma’s husband is a FIFO worker, and when he’s back in town the first thing he does his take his girls, Trinity and Destiny, to the Saturday Fresh Market.

“Whenever my husband is here, he loves to bring the kids. He comes for the vegetables and all the beautiful fresh produce while the kids just love all the food, especially the potato twisters and donuts,” she said.

“The stallholders are all very friendly and helpful, and the produce is so fresh. The market is very convenient and easy to get around.”

Derick, Lydia and baby Maverick travelled from Richlands to visit the Saturday Fresh Market for the first time.

“Sprout Bakery got us here and I have been looking for Lebanese bread for ages, so it was great to find some at the felafel stall. I just spotted a fiddle leaf fig too, I killed mine and the price is really good so it will be great to replace it,” Lydia said.

“While the gate fee was a surprise, $2 is really good value for what you have here. There are so many options, it’s hard to choose! We will definitely be back again.”

Heather and Jenni travel from Upper Mount Gravatt almost every weekend to attend the Saturday Fresh Market.

“The fruit and vegetables are much cheaper, plus we really like getting away from the major supermarkets and supporting local small businesses,” they said.

“The wide aisles make it really easy to walk around and we love that it is undercover: in the pouring rain or when its sunny you are protected.

“Premium parking is totally worth the price tag. It’s easy to park and there are people directing the traffic straight into the market venue.”

Betty and Tracey from Forestdale head to the Saturday Fresh Market every couple of months for a morning market adventure.

“It’s a really good venue for a market, the layout is great. It’s fun having live music in the food court and Betty loves the Korean corn dogs,” Tracey said.

“We love all the fresh fruit and vegetables, there’s a much larger range here than at the shopping centres. We try different things each time we come, this time it is dragon fruit.”

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