Sharing the love at the Saturday Fresh Market

Elizabeth, Lara, Walter, Brad and Annabell from Narangba.

An outing at the Saturday Fresh Market is so much more than just a grocery trip.

Along with filling your pantry, the atmosphere and people fill your heart with a sense of community and belonging.

Simply mix friendly faces, gourmet food and your favourite person and you’ve got a great morning of connecting at the Saturday Fresh Market.

A weekly outing to look forward to

Every weekend, Lara and Brad travel an hour from Narangba to the Saturday Fresh Market in Rocklea with their children, Elizabeth, Walter and Annabell.

“With three children, we find it more cost effective to travel to Rocklea for the Saturday Fresh Market, even with the price of fuel at the moment,” Lara and Brad said.

Russell and Colin from Corinda.

The family especially love purchasing popcorn, bananas and mangoes, and a trip to the Saturday Fresh Market is not complete until the kids collect stamps from the stallholders and visit the fairy statue stall.

“We highly recommend buying a trolley, it’s the best investment we ever made,” they said.

Russell and Colin from Corinda make a trip to the Saturday Fresh Market as part of their regular weekend ritual.

“We come every week and always park in the same place. We buy plants first, then fruit and vegetables, then we do the lap around. Usually, we are in and out within half an hour,” they said.

Russell has attended the retail markets at Brisbane Markets for over 20 years and remembers when the markets were originally located in the current venue.

“We love it here in the new venue. It’s a lot more convenient when it rains, and we really like the new layout – it’s so easy to find everything and make your way around,” he said.

Courtney and Kiichi from Fairfield.
Alberto and Tina (Raceview).

For Courtney and Kiichi attending the Saturday Fresh Market regularly is a no brainer, especially when on a budget.

“We come almost every week, mainly for the fresh vegetables. The produce here is a lot cheaper than anywhere else and you can find obscure and unique vegetables,” they said.

“The plants are always good to browse too. We love the venue, it’s nicer being under the shade and is easier to navigate.”

For Alberto and Tina, it is the cultural connections that keep them coming back each week.

“Popa’s Snack Bar is our favourite, their Cuban sandwiches are the best and they speak my language,” Alberto said.

“We love the environment at the Saturday Fresh Market, we come every week and catch up with our friends. The venue is very clean and well organised.”

“All the fruit and vegetables are so fresh, the bakeries are awesome, and all the coffee and food is excellent,” Tina said.

Love at first sight

Derick, Lydia and baby Maverick travelled from Richlands to visit the Saturday Fresh Market for the first time.

“Sprout Bakery got us here and I have been looking for Lebanese bread for ages, so it was great to find some at the felafel stall. I just spotted a fiddle leaf fig too, I killed mine and the price is really good so it will be great to replace it,” Lydia said.

“While the gate fee was a surprise, $2 is really good value for what you have here. There are so many options, it’s hard to choose! We will definitely be back again.”

Jodie and Ray from Helensvale.

Jodie and Ray drove all the way from the Gold Coast for Ray’s first visit to the Saturday Fresh Market.

“We’ll definitely be back more often. It really is the best market,” Jodie and Ray said.

“The fruit and vegetables are really good prices, better than the supermarkets, and very fresh. Next time we come, we will check out the plants and bring a cart to collect all our market goodies.”

Many Melbournians have escaped the cold and made the move north in recent years, and new residents have been quick to point out how well the Saturday Fresh Market compares to markets on offer down south.

Zena and Alanjohn from Yeronga.

“It’s our first time here, we just moved to Yeronga from Melbourne,” Zena and Alanjohn said.

“The offering you have here is more than we’ve seen in Melbourne and there’s just so much room! It’s very clean and we just love the fairy lights.

“We love the live music, the different sections, the diversity of products and, most of all, we love the price! We will definitely be coming back regularly.”

Christina and James from Oxley.

James and Christina from Oxley agreed that the Saturday Fresh Market stacks up well in comparison.

“Christina has just moved up here from Melbourne and it’s the first time we’ve been to the Saturday Fresh Market,” James said.

“It’s a great market, it’s very lovely and tropical! It’s a different experience from Melbourne markets, there’s a really relaxed and friendly vibe here,” Christina said.

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