Stallholder Spotlight: Authentic Turkish Bakery

We love our international street food at the Saturday Fresh Market. Combine that with the goodness of freshly baked bread and you have a match made in heaven.

Chiran and Aasma have been running the Authentic Turkish Bakery at the Saturday Fresh Market for about four years, after taking the business over from a friend.

“We make authentic Turkish breads using traditional recipes, and we pride ourselves on making fresh, delicious, quality products every time,” Chiran and Aasma said.

“We’ve always enjoyed cooking at home, and cooking the food we know and love best, so we decided to make a business out of it and bring those flavours to our customers.

“We love to make our customers happy, and we love it even more when they come back!

When it comes to eating their product, Aasma and Chiran can’t agree.

Aasma’s favourite is the classic cheese and spinach flavour, while Chiran can’t go past the avo, fetta, tomato and basil bread!

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