Stallholder Spotlight: Darling Fresh Smoke Haus

Darling Fresh Smoke Haus has been bringing their award-wining wood-smoked food packs to the Saturday Fresh Market since July 2022.

Created by food technologist, Jeff Schultheiss, and produced in Toowoomba, Darling Fresh Smoke Haus started in June 2021 with their wood-smoked food packs and since then the product range has grown with demand.

“We developed a way to package all-natural, wood-smoked foods and started the company to share that with the world!” Jeff said.

“Since then, we’ve developed a range of wood-smoked seasonings and along with a range of smoke-roasted sauces, using wood-smoked tomatoes, onion and garlic for extra flavour.

“We also have a really unique vegan offering with our smoked whole mushrooms and pulled shiitake mushroom bites. We haven’t found anyone else properly wood-smoking vegan foods like ours!”

All the wood-smoked foods are created without using any nitrates, preservatives or other additives, and the unique vacuum packing and pasteurising in sous-vide provides a product with a great shelf-life.

“We source most of our ingredients from Queensland, which are smoked using beech-wood, delivering a smooth and delicious flavour,” Jeff said.

“This means our packs can be reheated in just a few minutes, making tacos, burgers, nachos, salads, green bowls and other meals just so easy!”

Jeff is glad to have joined the Saturday Fresh Market family and is happy to have found a community of fellow food lovers.

“I love the customers at the Saturday Fresh Market, everyone cares about quality foods and shares our passion for freshness and superb flavours,” he said.

“We also just love the roof of the market venue: rain, hail or shine, it’s all good at the Saturday Fresh Market!

“Our customers love the flavour, quality, natural ingredients, and ease of preparation of our products. They love creating an easy-delicious meal in quick time, without compromising on quality and freshness.”

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