Stallholder Spotlight: Dunav Smallgoods

Demand for the products created by Dunav Smallgoods has skyrocketed since the company was launched by Goran and Vlad in 2019.

A firm favourite with market-goers, Dunav Smallgoods specialises in cooked, cured and fresh meats from sausages and marinated chicken to jerky and salami.

“The name ‘Dunav’ has a lot of significance for myself and my business partner, Vlad, because it is the name of the town on the border of Serbia and Croatia where we came from,” Goran said.

“Vlad’s father has 40 years of experience in producing quality meats Serbian/Croatian-style, and he taught us everything he knows.”

It was this experience that inspired the mission of their business: to offer quality products to their customers.

“We are motivated by two things: great quality, and great customer service,” Goran said.

“We feel a lot of people take shortcuts in this industry, and we’re committed to quality. We use only Australian meats, nothing imported, so we have that local element as well.

“While it was a struggle to get started, the business has taken off because we’ve found that people appreciate quality.”

Goran and Vlad exemplify the Mark Twain quote ‘Find a job you enjoy doing, and you will never have to work a day in your life’.

“I feel like I’ve retired in my 20s, because this doesn’t feel like work. It feels like a hobby but I get to make a living out of it!” Goran said.

“That feeling is all because of the amazing customer responses we’ve had to our products which has made all our hard work so worthwhile.”

Goran certainly has his favourites, and also a prediction for the future.

“My favourite product is the pork and beef cevapi – traditional Serbian minced meat sausages,” he said.

“Pork is coming back in a big way – my industry prediction is that pork shoulder meat in particular has a HUGE future, judging by how much our customers are loving ours!”

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