Stallholder Spotlight: Four Seasons Gardening

For Four Seasons Gardening’s Him Hun, being a green thumb is all about cacti and succulents.

“I love cacti as there are so many shapes, sizes and flowers. They are very unique. I also enjoy succulents as they are easy to propagate and grow quickly,” she said.

“So many of my customers love to collect cactus like me, and they always ask about new varieties.”

Him has been trading at the Saturday Fresh Market for a year now and appreciates the benefits of being undercover.

“It is the only undercover market and while it’s obviously great for customers it is also really good for plants as well,” she said.

According to Him, the support and friendship of other Saturday Fresh Market plant stallholders has been invaluable.

“For instance, Dave from Dave’s Plants has been great. He knows so much about plants and has been at the Saturday Fresh Market for such a long time. He is very helpful to new stallholders like me,” Him said.

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