Stallholder Spotlight: Goodna Nursery

Peter Nguyen was growing fruit trees at home when he decided to sell them at the market seven years ago.

His business, Goodna Nursery, has changed and grown over the years with the support of the Saturday Fresh Market.

“Being undercover and on hard ground is ideal for plants and ensures our products are protected and in the best condition for our customers,” Peter said.

“The Saturday Fresh Market has a large selection of plants and all the stallholders work together to ensure we have good varieties, and we all specialise in something different.

“You can always find unique plants and very competitive prices.”

Goodna Nursery specialise in fruit trees, indoor plants and hydroponic plants.

“My repeat customers still tell me about the fruit trees they purchased many years ago and how they are now fruiting,” Peter said.

“I have one customer who purchased a passionfruit vine and religiously brings fruit from it every year, while another brings me guavas.”

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