Stallholder Spotlight: Hai’s Harvest

With a selection of handpicked produce fresh from their orchard in Stanthorpe and the Brisbane Produce Market, Hai’s Harvest put the fresh in the Saturday Fresh Market.

The stall is run by Hai Nguyen, who said that he loves connecting with his market customers and getting to know them.

“We take pride in providing the freshest possible produce. We pick our fruit and veg fresh every week, ready to sell straight on to our customers at the Saturday Fresh Market,” Hai said.

When it comes to his own favourite product, strawberries come out on top.

“Strawberries are really easy to just eat on the spot, which is a very useful thing when you’re always on your feet and on the go like I am in my line of work!”

Hai’s mother, Du (pictured above), is a regular face at Hai’s Harvest and fresh produce is a generational passion for the Nguyen family.

“I grew up on a farm and my whole family are farmers. Fruit and veg is my lifeblood,” Hai said.

“Growing up country, you have that real community focus of everyone pitching in and supporting each other’s businesses

“I love to be able to bring that community and fresh produce focus to our customers at the Saturday Fresh Market.”

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