Stallholder Spotlight: Inca Plants

When Cesar Aguero moved to Australia in 1990, he wanted to to start his own business and a lack of knowledge of plants wasn’t going to stop him!

“I had land near Mt Tambourine, so developing the land into a nursery just made sense. I didn’t know much about plants, but I had an interest and ran with it,” Cesar said.

Cesar decided to grow Australian natives and ornamentals, and with that, Inca Plants was born.

“Natives are beautiful and they are still not used as much as they could be in Australian gardens. I’ve noticed an increase in people interested in the benefits of natives over the last 10 years,” Cesar said.

Cesar has been attending the Saturday Fresh Market since 2004 and loves sharing his passion for plants with the market community.

“I love the interaction with my market customers. I have seen the children of the families I serve grow up and now this new generation is shopping with me, it’s fantastic,” Cesar said.

“The team at the Saturday Fresh Market are fantastic to work with and the market is extremely well organised.

“All the plant stallholders support each other: if I don’t have something I am happy to recommend they speak with one of the other plant stalls.”

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