Stallholder Spotlight: Linda’s Plants

Lychee Nii’s love of plants is evident in the variety available at her stall, Linda’s Plants.

“One of my favourite plants is the money tree. In my culture, it has significant importance to bring good luck and when you grow this plant it brings success,” Lychee said.

Lychee is excited to share her love of plants with her Saturday Fresh Market customers.

“I love making friends with everyone and the market customers are all so friendly,” Lychee said.

“I have people that still visit me from when I first started my stall four years ago and they share their amazement at how much my business has grown since the early days.

“I always recommend people visit the Saturday Fresh Market because there is so much variety and value to be found, and not just in the plant area.

“The quality of the food stalls and the fresh produce is amazing, it’s well worth a visit!”

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