Stallholder Spotlight: Market Fresh Meats

Paul Edwards of Market Fresh Meats has been a part of the Saturday Fresh Market community for over ten years. His distinctive meat truck is always a hive of activity, stuffed full of beef, lamb, pork and chicken.

Even more distinctive is the jovial laugh every few minutes as he jokes with customers and fellow stallholders alike.

“I love the vibe of the Saturday Fresh Market,” Paul said.

“I see lots of the same faces week in and week out. I love having a large regular fan base. Nowhere else can I show my passion for food and love of people.”

Watching Paul handle the constant ebb and flow of market-goers is astounding. He can bounce between three different customers without missing a beat, supplying advice for cooking certain cuts of meats, and insights on complementary herbs and marinades.

Paul knows what his customers like.

“The Cape Grim beef is my best seller. It’s so popular and for very good reason! The beef is 100% grass fed, free range and it hasn’t been touched by hormones or antibiotics. You can’t go wrong with it, whether it’s on a barbecue or a pan,” he said.

“The Wagyu eye fillet has also been described as life changing. It depends on the person.”

We asked some of Paul’s loyal fans why they come back.

“We always try to make it in every week. He has the best meat in the market, and he always has a good recipe to go along with it,” regular market-goer Celeste said.

“He’s so reliable and never fails to ask if you’d like him to hold on to the meat if you’re still shopping.”

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