Stallholder Spotlight: Paul’s Premium Produce

When it comes to freshness and taste, Paul Pavlou from Paul’s Premium Produce is as picky as they come.

“We are committed to selling only the highest-quality fruit and veg, and so we take a very proactive approach to selecting our produce,” Paul said.

“All fruit and veg items are hand-picked, and we taste everything before we purchase it.”

It’s a skill handed down from his father, Andrew, who you will often see working the stall alongside Paul.

“I’ve been in the fresh produce industry for 30 years after taking over the family business,” Paul said.

“I know exactly what to look for when selecting the finest fruit and veg!”

For Paul, the focus on quality and knowledge is all about providing the very best service possible for his customers.

“Fresh produce is what I know and love best, and I bring that authority, expertise and great passion for the product to all my valued customers,” he said.

“I love meeting people one on one at the Saturday Fresh Market and building great relationships with customers.

“I have a lot of regular customers, but I also love seeing fresh new faces at the Market every weekend and getting to know them.”

Paul’s favourite fruit, pineapple, is currently in-season.

“It’s such a sweet, exotic and tropical fruit, I love it!” Paul said.

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