Stallholder Spotlight: Popa’s Snack Bar

The Saturday Fresh Market has become a Mecca for Cuban ex-pats since the arrival of new Cuban sandwich food truck, Popa’s Snack Bar.

Popa’s Snack Bar has been a hit since they started business in February 2023, and for mother and daughter team, Mariela and Meilyn, the food truck is a way to stay connected to and share their culture with their new home.

“We are so passionate about the product we provide,” Mariela said.

“The Cuban sandwich is embedded in the history and culture of our country, and it is a part of our cultural identity for Cuba’s communities in exile, especially in the US.

“Popa’s Snack Bar works closely with their suppliers to be able to accurately recreate the Cuban sandwich here in Australia.

“But for us, the Cuban sandwich is also part of precious family memories of cooking with “mami Popa”. We come from a long line of great cooks who honoured traditional Cuban cuisine. It is a heritage we are proud of and want to share with others.”

Mariela said the Saturday Fresh Market was the ideal location to launch their food truck business.

“We really appreciate the high standard the market management upholds and this standard contributes to developing and maintaining the reputation we want for our business and products,” she said.

Happy customers Alberto and Tina.

“We love the comradery and support between stallholders at the Saturday Fresh Market, they have been so welcoming, friendly, and helpful, especially in moments of need.

But Popa’s Snack Bar wouldn’t be the same without their regulars, those customers who come week after week to bite down on their traditional Cuban sandwich.

“We love our regular customers, whose appreciation of our food brings us great joy! We do our best to provide the best service we can, and the response has been extraordinarily positive,” Mariela said.

Just one of these customers is Alberto, a Cuban ex-pat who, along with his wife Tina’ make the trip to the Saturday Fresh Market for a taste of home.

“We come every week and catch up with our friends. Popa’s Snack Bar is our favourite, they make the best Cuban sandwiches in Brisbane,” Alberto said.

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