Stallholder Spotlight: Sumet’s Succulents

When Dallas Saunders started collecting plants as a hobby, his new obsession quickly outgrew available space. A decision to sell the excess greenery to the public led to the birth of Sumet’s Succulents in 2006.

“We started at the Saturday Fresh Market and found it extremely convenient and accessible for our business,” Dallas said.

“Our market stall is our shop front and we have become well known for collectible plants. For instance, we stock rare agaves, along with bromeliads, succulents and indoor varieties.”

Since that time, Sumet’s Succulents has amassed quite a following at the Saturday Fresh Market.

“I have some very knowledgeable customers who collect plants, and it’s great to converse and share stories about some of these rare and unique varieties,” Dallas said.

“The interaction with the other plant sellers is also great: we are all friends and have been working alongside each other for a long time.”

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