Stallholder Spotlight: The Little French Bakery

The Little French Bakery brings a piece of Paris and the sweet smell of nostalgia to the Saturday Fresh Market every weekend.

Run by Emma Hermier and her business partner Stevens, The Little French Bakery was established seven years ago.

“We wanted to make pastries the French way for Australian customers,” Emma said.

“One of my favourite childhood memories was going to a French bakery with my mother every day when I was a kid – this was our little ritual that I loved.

“I still remember the sweet smell of the freshly baked chocolate croissants! I think that was the moment I fell in love with baking, and baking French pastries in particular.”

Being able to interact with customers one-on-one makes the Saturday Fresh Market experience a special one for Emma.

“We love the ambience at the Saturday Fresh Market, and the variety of the products available. Plus there is a real community spirit between the stallholders which we really enjoy,” Emma said.

“I love seeing customers light up when they see my rows of pastries, and then even more when customers try them and find out how delicious they are! I love bringing a little bit of Paris straight to their table.”

Each item is made with care and a touch of France.

“All our products are made with 100% French flour and butter, as this tends to make our pastries more easily digestible. It also gives them the unique French flavour that you won’t find anywhere else!”

The Little French Bakery offers customers a wide range of freshly baked breads and pastries every Saturday, including croissants, turnovers, swirls, beignets, cronuts, and madeleines, along with a range of loaves of bread, sourdough and baguettes. For Emma, it’s the chocolate croissant that is the all-time winner from her collection.

“My customers love the bread ready to bake at home. They can keep it in a fridge for a couple of days and bake when they want to enjoy the delicious hot, crusty bread,” she said.

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