Thrifty green thumbs converge for Plantapalooza

Brisbane’s best kept secret is out: if you want to find plants on a budget, you need to visit the Saturday Fresh Market.

Jess from Richlands and Jess from Mogil.

Renowned for its cost-effective fruit and veggies, the Saturday Fresh Market is also the go-to location for plant lovers in the know.

While week to week the plant selection is amazing, be prepared for your mind to be blown when our plant festival, Plantapalooza, comes around on Saturday, 7 October.

Friends Jess and Jess have a weekly ritual that includes exercise, shopping, quality time and, of course, plants.

“Every week, we meet for yoga and then come to the market,” they said.

“We like the price of the fruit, vegetables and plants, plus we have to grab a coffee. Yianni’s olives and cheese are favourites, along with Dave’s Plants.

“The new venue is great, you can’t get wet and it feels more organised and open. Our advice is to come early and bring an empty trolley: bags are never enough!”

Jasmine from Inala and Joyce from Banyo.

Jasmine and Joyce also use the Saturday Fresh Market as a convenient meeting place. While Jasmine lives locally in Inala and attends every few weeks, Joyce makes the trip from the northside every few months for a catch up.

“We love walking through the plant stalls on entry, it gives the market a great vibe,” they said.

“We love all the stalls. There’s such a large range, particularly in the food stalls, so we can always find something we both like.

“It’s great that you can find a wide selection of vegetables, and you often see different varieties – not just the classic types you always find in the shops.”

Meg and Sev from Newstead.

Meg and Sev have just moved into a new place in Newstead , so an outing to the Saturday Fresh Market to add a green touch was high on the agenda.

“We just became housemates, so we’re getting plants to make it a home. The Saturday Fresh Market is so good for plants, there’s so much beautiful stuff here,” they said.

“The Saturday Fresh Market is better and has more variety than the markets in West End, and it has a real community feel. Amy’s Brownies are always a favourite and the poffertjes got us today, they were delicious.”

Cher and Rex from Seventeen Mile Rocks.

While it’s a bit hard for Cher and little Rex to come to the Saturday Fresh Market every week, it’s still on the family’s agenda.

“We still manage to make it at least once a month. We love the cheap plants, Bagel Boys, coffee, and the fruit and veg is amazing, as is the sourdough from the Little French Bakery,” Cher said.

“The new venue is a lot easier to get around, just make sure you bring something to put everything in. A pram works!”

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