Top tips for Easter at the Saturday Fresh Market

Who else is egg-cited for Easter?

Whether you’re planning an Easter barbecue, family feast or just a relaxed long weekend, at the Saturday Fresh Market you can hop ’til you drop and get all the supplies you need for a feed. You can even go hunting for a sneaky treat, festive flowers or the perfect present.

From darling Easter daisies to tulips and other early blooming bulbs, a flourish of spring flowers is in keeping with a traditional Easter message of rebirth.

At the Saturday Fresh Market, you can shop for gorgeous bouquets at Multi Flowers and Freddy’s Flowers. We recommend a bright spray of fresh tulips – if you squint, they also look like Easter eggs!

Tasty treats

If Easter equals chocolate for you, then it’s hard to go past Amy Sargeantson chocolate maker for a huge range of dark, milk and flavoured chocolates along with gooey and delicious brownies.

Market-goers also flock to The Little Gingerbread Cottage at Easter to sample their adorable range of gingerbread cookies. The Little Gingerbread Cottage uses an old family recipe that originated in Germany to create sweetly spiced cookies with a crisp outside and a soft, cakey inside.

If you want a larger selection of flavours check out Sweet Life of Abby for personalised cookies, Cornelia’s Vegan Bakery for cakes, muffins and other sweet treats, Mrs Frost for freeze-dried lollies, and discover homemade fudge at Peter’s Fudge.

Not into loading your kids up with sugar this Easter? Why not drop by Variety Shops and check out their selection of fidget spinners, pop its and other awesome kids toys.

Breakfast banquets

Is it even Easter without a bunch of freshly baked hot cross buns for breakfast?

Traditionally the fragrantly spiced, sweet buns are eaten on Good Friday, and mark the end of Lent. However, these bad boys are so tasty that we wish we could eat them all year round!

If you’re after hot cross buns and other baked goods for your Easter feasts, you can visit Sprout Artisan Bakery, The Little French Bakery, Cordelia’s Bakehouseand Yummioh Organic Bakery to see what’s on offer.

While we might not have dedicated Easter eggs stalls, we do have Sudon Eggs available for your fresh egg supplies. Why not get some for breakfast and extra to try these Easter egg decorating crafts for some school holiday fun?

Fantastic feasts

Put all your eggs in the Saturday Fresh Market basket and get everything you need for a long weekend of food, family and fun.

Whether its battered fish and chips, a nice piece of snapper charred on the barbecue, or a platter of oysters, many Australians dig into a seafood feast over the Easter long weekend.

For all your seafood needs, Seafood Direct/Butcher Boy Meats and Gold Coast Seafood are your go-to stalls at the Saturday Fresh Market. If you want to widen the menu, check out the range on offer at All About Meat, Square Cuts and Food and Wine Concepts.

Add in the humongous selection of fresh fruit and vegetables available at our numerous fresh produce stalls, you have an Easter feast to remember.

Gorgeous gardens

Extra long weekend is also the perfect time to get into the garden and give it some much needed attention. Take the time to plan out your project on Good Friday, then hop along to the Saturday Fresh Market and pick up the ideal plants for your dream garden.

Happy Easter and enjoy your long weekend!

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