Top tips for buying market meat

The Saturday Fresh Market is the best place to plan your weekly meals, with a plethora of options available.

We have butchers and delis on site with the finest cuts, sumptuous seafood and delicious cured meats for your meals.

Read on to get our top three tips on how to make the most out of market meats.

Keep it cool

Worried about how to keep your meat cool before you get it home? Never fear, the Saturday Fresh Market has you covered.

If you’re looking to purchase meat, seafood, or deli products at the market, a cooler bag or basket is a lifesaver.

When you’re preparing to go to the Saturday Fresh Market, simply pop in a frozen ice block or two, seal it up and you’re good to go. Then, as you purchase refrigerated products, you can just put it into your portable, homemade fridge and reseal the bag.

Another option for making sure your meat is in top condition when you get home is purchase those items last or ask the stallholder to hold them for you until you’re finished the rest of your shopping.

Our friendly butchers are happy to assist to ensure you taste their products at their best.

Keep it fresh

If you want to cut costs for your weekly shopping budget, there’s lots of ways to make each dollar go further.

When vegetables are in season and plentiful, the price comes down, so why not check out what is selling cheap before you decide which meat to use?

You might find that Asian veggies are an excellent price so decide to get meat to match for use in a gourmet stir fry.

If root vegetables are looking good, the most economical solution may be to create a tray full of roasted vegetables or a hearty stew.

But don’t forget that fruit isn’t just for dessert! Stone fruit, citrus, apples, pears, figs and tropical varieties can all be added to a salad or paired with the ideal meat. Some great combinations are:

  • Citrus, fennel, and fish;
  • Apple, cinnamon, and pork;
  • Fig, honey, and lamb;
  • Chargrilled tropical fruit and chicken; and
  • Stone fruit and beef.

Fruit and vegetables isn’t the option for choosing the meals you want to cook. The Saturday Fresh Market has a wide variety of herbs, spices, meat rubs, and curry combos to help you make the most out of your meat.

Also, make sure to check out what’s on special at each butcher or deli stall – you never know what will take your fancy and relieve the pressure on your wallet.

Cook it right

There’s nothing worse than purchasing the perfect cut of meat or seafood, just to make a mistake in the cooking process and ruin your dinner.

If you’ve got your eye on a cut of meat or seafood you’ve never attempted, talk to the stallholder and ask how they recommend cooking it.

It is even a great idea to ask about a cut of meat you are familiar with, too. You never know what new technique you’ll learn to add to your repertoire. You might even learn a secret or two that can add some variety to a firm family favourite.

Cheap cuts of meat are perfect for using in stews and casseroles as the weather gets cooler. By preparing in bulk in your slow cooker or oven, you can make your weekly meal prep a breeze. Just separate into meals and place in the freezer. Don’t feel like cooking? Here’s something you prepared earlier!

If you want some inspiration, you can check out these winter warmers for our favourite cuts of meat or if you’re wishing summer would continue forever, check out these refreshing seafood stunners.

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