Treat your senses at the Saturday Fresh Market

The Saturday Fresh Market is a feast for the senses: the sights, smells, sounds and tastes that tempt thousands of market-goers every weekend.

Jane and Annie from Annerley.

The visit to the Saturday Fresh Market marked an important milestone for sisters Jane and Annie, as it was Annie’s first outing following her recovery from illness.

“We are both very excited to be here and buy lots of healthy food. It’s so wonderful to smell and taste all the beautiful food and listen to the music, it’s a great vibe,” Jane said.

“The market is actually good for when you’re sick, as it is very open with spacious wide aisles. It is really easy to shop here and there’s so much variety,” Annie said.

While it was Annie’s first time at the markets, Jane makes the trip from Annerley every week.

“I love that I can get herbs, gifts, olives, a huge variety of food in a fabulous atmosphere: it’s a great way to start the weekend.”

Amalia, Ayla and Angela from Algester.

It’s been about a decade since Angela last visited the Saturday Fresh Market, but now they will be making the trip from Algester more often.

“It’s been great for the kids, there was even a little play area next to the face painting,” she said.

“We love all the food, both fresh and in the food court – there’s such a lot of variety. The kids loved the pies, dumplings, pizza, donuts, chocolate: it’s great that you can sample things before you purchase!

“As a vegan mum, it was great that there was plenty of options for me too.”

Jodie and Ray from Helensvale.

Jodie and Ray drove all the way from the Gold Coast for Ray’s first visit to the Saturday Fresh Market.

“We’ll definitely be back more often. It really is the best market,” Jodie and Ray said.

“The fruit and vegetables are really good prices, better than the supermarkets, and very fresh. Next time we come, we will check out the plants and bring a cart to collect all our market goodies.”

Courtney and Kiichi from Fairfield.

For Courtney and Kiichi attending the Saturday Fresh Market regularly is a no brainer, especially when on a budget.

“We come almost every week, mainly for the fresh vegetables. The produce here is a lot cheaper than anywhere else and you can find obscure and unique vegetables,” they said.

“The plants are always good to browse too. We love the venue, it’s nicer being under the shade and is easier to navigate.”

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