Shareholder/Investor Announcement

Election of Director

In accordance with Clause 39.2 of the Constitution of Brisbane Markets Limited (BML), one director will retire by rotation at the 2017 Annual General Meeting.  The director retiring by rotation is Mr Peter Tighe.

Mr Tighe has confirmed that he will be standing for re-election.

The company’s Constitution details the procedure for nomination of directors for election.  This procedure requires that BML send each shareholder a “Nomination Notice” to allow persons to be nominated for election as a director of the company.  There is no need to nominate existing BML directors or the director/s retiring by rotation.

Please click here to download a Nomination Notice for completion should you wish to nominate an individual as a candidate for election to the position of director of Brisbane Markets Limited.

All nominees will be given an opportunity to express their views to shareholders in a written statement which will be distributed early in November 2017, with the Notice of Annual General Meeting of the company.

The closing date for the receipt of nominations is 3.00 pm on Tuesday 10 October 2017 and Nomination Notices can be returned by the following means:

By delivery to:
Level 2, Fresh Centre
Brisbane Markets
Sherwood Road

By email:

By post:
PO Box 80

By facsimile:
(07) 3915 4291

If required, a ballot to determine the successful candidate will be conducted in the lead up to the Annual General Meeting.

Murray Stewart

Company Secretary


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