Access-control improvements underway

Access to the Brisbane Markets is set to become smoother, with a project to upgrade boom gates, licence plate recognition (LPR) and associated infrastructure across this site already well advanced.

Brisbane Markets Limited (BML) has taken the opportunity to upgrade access control infrastructure following the March 2022 flood, which caused significant damage to the in-ground loops and sensors at entry points, leading to multiple faults and delays at boom gates over the past year.

Boom gate infrastructure has been upgraded at the Brisbane Markets.

Replacing and upgrading this infrastructure will ensure a more reliable system to maintain efficient access control and reduce wait times at entry points.

Following a 20-week lead time on parts, the Main and Western Entries have been totally revamped with the installation of new boom gates, loops, sensors and LPR cameras.

New boom gates and LPR cameras have been installed at the Curzon St Entry and the in-ground loop is expected to be replaced over the coming weeks.

New LPR cameras have also been installed at CP1 entry and exit points. The new cameras take advantage of CCTV technology improvements which allow for better vision in low light situations.

The new LPR equipment will continue to be monitored and reviewed to ensure they are working as intended.

Further planned work includes the installation of four boom gates, repurposed from the Main Entry, in CP7.

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