BML introduces new COO

BML’s new Chief Operating Officer, Mark Cincotta.

After 20 years with the company, BML’s Chief Operating Officer Tricia Williams retired in December with her replacement now taking the reins.

In the lead up to her retirement, Tricia assisted in the onboarding of BML’s new Chief Operating Officer, Mark Cincotta, who will be responsible for BML’s Operations and Maintenance Departments. 

Mark brings 20 years’ experience across project management, design coordination, asset management and development projects.

Mark is supported by BML’s Operations Manager, Antun Roso and Infrastructure Manager, Stanis Nogacki.

Additionally, BML’s Chief Financial Officer, Murray Stewart, has taken on the additional responsibility of BML’s Property Department. Murray is supported by BML’s Property Manager, Debra Milliken.

Operations(07) 3915
Maintenance1800 610
Property(07) 3915

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