Brisbane Produce Report

1 December

Welcome to Summer, and all the seasonal fruit and vegetables that come with it. While the Summer rain arrived early and may have an effect on some produce availability, Brisbane Markets source produce from growers all over Australia, so your local fruit and veg shop will have everything you need for the holiday season.

Cherry season is in full swing, and you’ll find plenty of these antioxidant packed treats in your local fruit and veg shop, coming in from New South Wales, South Australia and Victoria. Cherries are a classic Summer fruit, perfect for snacking in warmer weather, as well as a wonderful addition to any dish. Just give this Roast Pork with Cherry Stuffing a try!

Not the only stone fruit in great supply at the moment, you’ll also find plenty of Plums from Stanthorpe and Victoria, as well as Peaches and Apricots from Victoria. The growing conditions for stone fruit have been ideal this year, so all of these fruits are incredibly sweet, juicy and flavoursome. Whether you like to eat your stone fruit fresh, make an Apricot Smoothie, or even try something unusual like this Plum and Peach Bruschetta, you won’t be disappointed.

We can’t mention stone fruit without talking about Mangoes, which are in good supply from North Queensland. These tropical fruits are good for your digestion, are fat, sodium and cholesterol free, all while being high in vitamins C, A and B6. For a healthy summer meal that makes Mango the hero, whip up this Chicken, Mango and Avocado Salad.

Synonymous with Summer, Watermelon from North Queensland are growing well and priced to be enjoyed daily. These juicy, sweet fruit are perfect for a hydrating afternoon snack, or even as part of a Watermelon, Rockmelon and Goat’s Cheese Salad.

Avocados are still readily available, with the fruit coming in from farms in New South Wales and Western Australia. Although Avocados are often used like vegetables and eaten in salads, did you know they are actually a fruit? Regardless of what you call them, Avocadoes are incredibly versatile and can be used in sweet or savory dishes and everything in between. Just look at this Avocado and Potato Salsa recipe.

A true vegetable, Broccoli is a great price this week with plenty of this leafy green coming from farms throughout South East Queensland and Victoria. For a healthy pasta dish that can be enjoyed hot or cold, add some Tasmanian grown Spinach and try this Broccoli Spinach Pesto Pasta.

Another healthy vegetable option is Green Beans. If you’re shopping with budget in mind, machine picked Beans from Gatton are in great supply and well-priced, while hand-picked Beans from Gympie and Victoria are fantastic quality. Both options are great eating and would make a fantastic Green Bean, Feta and Walnut Salad.

Sweet Corn is also a budget friendly veggie this week, with cobs of sweet, juicy corn grown in Kelbar, Bowen and Gatton. If you’ll excuse a corny pun, these Air-fried Broccoli and Corn Cheese Balls are a-maize-ing!

You’ll find plenty of Victorian grown Zucchini in your local fruit and veg shop this week. For a healthy, warm salad, this Grilled Corn and Zucchini Salad is wonderfully refreshing. 

Your local A better choice! fruit and veg shop hand picks their produce from the Brisbane Markets at Rocklea, which comes from thousands of Australian farms. Why not call in and see your local fruit and veg shop for the best quality, choice, freshness, and service available!

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