Brisbane Produce Report

15 February

February is speeding by, as we’re now well into the second month of the year. Although there have been unseasonable levels of rain and humidity in a lot of growing regions, there is still plenty of affordable, good quality fruit and vegetables coming through the Brisbane Markets and into your local fruit and veg shop.

Our pick of the week is Bananas, with a great, affordably priced supply coming from North Queensland. Packed with essential nutrients, Bananas are a healthy and convenient option for any time of day, especially school lunchboxes.

Also from North Queensland, we’re seeing plenty of Lemons in the Brisbane Markets, bringing the price down in your local fruit and veg shop. Whether used in marinades, dressings, or desserts, Lemons are a versatile ingredient that can elevate any meal.

As the Gala Apple season continues, there is crisp and juicy fruit coming from Stanthorpe and New South Wales. Enjoy them on their own or use them in baking and cooking for a sweet and flavoursome touch, like this Apple Cinnamon Fritter Rings.

While we’re coming to the end of the season, there are still plenty of Valencia Oranges from New South Wales around, so make the most of the great prices on this sweet and juicy fruit. Unlike other Orange varieties, the green colour you sometimes see on the skin of a Valencia is a form of sun protection for the fruit, and has no effect on the flavour. Even if they are a little green, they will still be ripe, juicy and sweet!

Victorian grown Red and White Grapes are well stocked, well priced and perfect for snacking or adding to fruit salads and cheese boards. Or, pair them with Victorian grown Plums to make this Red Grape and Plum Smoothie.

If you’re after a reliable vegetable staple that’s versatile and full of flavour, you can’t go past the Sweet Potato, with Bundaberg is sending plenty of this root vegetable through the Markets this week. Sweet Potatoes are a fantastic source of vitamins and minerals, making them a healthy addition to any diet.

Gourmet Tomatoes are in great supply, coming from Stanthorpe, Victoria, South Australia, and Western Australia. Whether used in salads, sauces, or soups, Tomatoes add a burst of colour and flavour to any dish.

Exotic Mushrooms are incredibly well priced, as more and more Australian growers are turning their attention to varieties like Shitake, Enoki, Swiss Brown and King Oyster. With growers all over Queensland sending these premium varieties to the Brisbane Markets, you can turn your home cooking into something fit for a high-end restaurant, like this Pappardelle with Exotic Mushrooms.

An affordable salad classic, Continental Cucumber from the Lockyer Valley is in good supply, perfect for salads, sandwiches, and dips. Their mild flavour and crunchy texture make them a versatile ingredient in so many dishes.

Your local A better choice! fruit and veg shop hand picks their produce from the Brisbane Markets at Rocklea, which comes from thousands of Australian farms. Why not call in and see your local fruit and veg shop for the best quality, choice, freshness, and service available!

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