Brisbane Produce Report

17 November

Summer has started early at your local fruit and veg shop! A wide selection of delicious summer fruits has arrived, and we couldn’t be happier. With new season produce comes new recipes and a new taste to your weekly meals. Summer is the best time for delicious salads, and light meals with fresh, bold flavours. Be sure to get your shopping list in order this week and pick up the best quality produce at your local fruit and veg shop.

Apricots are our pick of the week. Stone fruit season has kicked off with the arrival of Apricots from Warwick. Juicy and fragrant, Apricots are a perfect snack with a taste that ranges from sweet to tart. Slice them up and add to salads or simply eat as they are! Enjoy your Apricots on the go and whip up a simple snack like our Apricot and Macadamia Balls.

A great selection of White and Yellow Peaches are in season now, as well as juicy and sweet White and Yellow Nectarines. Take your pick of these delicious stone fruit from Stanthorpe and Kumbia and celebrate the start of the season.

This week from Burdekin come new-season Lychees. This sweet, jelly-like fruit embodies the taste of summer and are absolutely delicious added to salads, drinks or desserts. Lychees are an excellent source of vitamin C and dietary fibre. Store in a plastic container in the fridge for five to seven days or peel and freeze to enjoy later.

Mangoes are continuing to improve, with several varieties on offer including North Queensland’s Kensington Pride and R2E2 for great flavour and sweetness. Mango is a great snacking option for a sweet treat, but have you tried using Mango in a savoury dish? Try our Chickpea Mango Curry and add a spicy hit to this tropical favourite. Pick up some mangoes from your local fruit and veg shop today!

Ripe, sweet tasting Tomatoes are great quality and still in steady supply from Gatton this week. There’s a tomato for everyone, including Gourmet, Roma, Cherry and Truss tomato options. Tomatoes add a fresh pop of flavour to salads or make a great accompaniment to your savoury breakfast. Try our Cherry Tomato Cous Cous Salad this week for a simple yet tasty dinner accompaniment.

Green Beans are in good supply from the Lockyer Valley this week. Green Beans are a versatile vegetable and great in a stir fry, salad or side dish. Pick young, firm, vibrant Green Beans that snap easily. Store in an airtight container in the fridge for one to four days.

Eggplants from North Queensland can add so much flavour to your meals, with a slight nutty flavour that goes well with a hint of smoke or char. Toss through salads or add as a side to meat and mix up the textures on your plate this week. Entertaining this weekend? These Eggplant Croquettes are a crowd pleaser, and will have everyone coming back for more.

Are you an Asparagus lover? Asparagus is a delightful spring vegetable from Victoria that has a delicate flavour that complements mild and stronger flavours such as seafood or chicken, as well as beef and pork. For an elegant salad, thinly slice Asparagus to add a slight crunch, or roast to soften and add a softer element. Try our Spiced Coconut Chicken with Asparagus with the family this week.

Cucumbers are still in good supply and are of good quality at your local fruit and veg shop this week from Bowen and Bundaberg. Add crunch and a bright flavour to your salads, sandwiches or snacks by slicing and adding cucumber. After a recipe the kids will enjoy? Try these Cucumber Boats.

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