Brisbane Produce Report

21 April

Have you walked into your local fruit and veg shop lately and noticed the change in colour of  fresh produce available? Autumn brings with it changes in weather, bringing new and  delicious varieties of fruit and vegetables into the Brisbane Markets where your local fruit and veg shop source their fresh produce.  Why not pick up some tried and true favourites and staples, as well as a variety of unique produce for you and your family to try this Autumn.

Our pick of the week is Broccoli. Coming locally from the Lockyer Valley, this vitamin rich superfood is not only one of the healthiest vegetables, but also one of the easiest to cook. When choosing Broccoli, look for firm stalks with a bright green head and compact clusters of florets and fresh leaves. It has the shortest life of any vegetable, so it’s best to keep it refrigerated below 4°C. If you’re looking for a cosy meal to warm you up, try Broccoli and Hashbrown Bake.

While the change of season has affected the supply of some vegetables, there is no shortage of vegetables from the Bundaberg region this week, including Zucchini. The Bundaberg region grows a highly diverse range of high-quality fruit and vegetables, owing to its consistent weather, stable climate, and reliable water sources! Celebrate the taste of this region this week with these Zucchini Noodles.

Warm up in this cold weather with an abundance of Chillis from Bundaberg. Chillis can vary in hotness from mild to incendiary-like potency, adding a spicy hit to your meals! Select small green and red Chillis to use fresh, or dry red Chillis to use whole or grind into Chilli powder. For a twist on a dinner favourite, try this Spaghetti with Chilli, Broccoli and Pancetta.

Capsicum season in Bundaberg is starting up, with a steady supply also available from South Australia. Select Capsicums with a glossy skin and deep colour, and avoid wrinkled and dull skin with soft spots and blemishes for the tastiest picks. Take your breakfast up a notch this week with Capsicum Pesto Eggs!

Sweet Potato from Bundaberg are also in good supply at your local fruit and veg shop. Sweet Potatoes are deliciously sweet and creamy, making them an excellent addition to savoury dishes and desserts alike. Pair Sweet Potato with Capsicums this week to try these delicious Tex Mex Loaded Sweet Potato Fries.

Queensland Mandarin season has kicked off, with delicious Imperial Mandarins from the North Burnett region now at your local fruit and veg shop Mandarins are a great snack for the kids’ lunchbox, or the perfect addition to your favourite Autumn salads. If you’re after a sweet snack, try these Salted Choc-Dipped Mandarins for a treat the entire family will love!

Also available this week from the North Burnett region are deliciously sweet Navel Oranges, which make the perfect snack full of vitamin C and nutrients! Slice some oranges to take on your next picnic before the weather turns cold or bring them along to your next football game. This Orange, Beet and Steak Salad is a tasty refreshing dish that is great for a healthy lunch or light dinner. Pick up the ingredients at your
local fruit and veg shop and create a plate full of colour and flavour!

If you still haven’t had your citrus fix, try picking up some Lemons and Limes from North Queensland this week. These fruits are packed with vitamin C to keep you healthy as the weather starts to cool and they add a refreshing hint of acidity to your dishes! Make Lemon the star of dessert and indulge in this Lemony Sweet Potato Pie.

Persimmons from Gympie are still readily available at your local fruit and veg shop. A delicious Autumn offering, Persimmon is a sweet and delicate fruit with a subtle flavour and unique texture. With hints of vanilla and honey, Persimmon can be eaten at different stages of ripeness for either a firm texture, or a soft jelly-like flesh. Pick up some Persimmons and try them in a Persimmon Salsa for a delicious accompaniment to meat or fish.

If it’s something different you’re after this week, keep an eye out for the excellent quality Pomegranates from Western Australia or new season Feijoas from Stanthorpe to add to your trolley. This little green fruit has an interesting texture, with a pear-like flesh with soft, jelly-like seeds in the middle. Feijoas are best eaten fresh but can also be made into jams or baked into breads or pastries. Get adventurous and broaden your tastebuds with this Feijoa Crumble Slice.

Your local A better choice! fruit and veg shop hand picks their produce from the Brisbane Markets at Rocklea, which comes from thousands of Australian farms. Why not call in and see your local fruit and veg shop for the best quality, choice, freshness, and service available!

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