Brisbane Produce Report

27 January

As we say goodbye to the summer holidays and children start returning to school, there are plenty of delicious, healthy fruit and veg treats to enjoy. From handheld, lunchbox fruit snacks to the more unusual, flavour packed choices, there is something for everyone at your local, independent fruit and veg shop this week.

Our pick of the week is the sweet, exotic Fig from Gatton and Inglewood. Thought to have originated in the Middle East, Figs are in plentiful supply and tasty eating. This delicate fruit is high in vitamins and minerals and will remain in your local fruit and veg shop for the next few months. Fig fruit range from a bright green to a deep purple exterior with the inner flesh being a bright red. Figs are versatile and appear in both sweet and savoury recipes. For a little indulgence, try this Carrot and Fig Cake.

Why not pick up some Papaya from Mareeba this week? In steady supply right now, Papaya is delicious in salads, added to sweets or snacked on alone. Need some inspiration on how to use Papaya? Whip up a Papaya and Banana Smoothie for a refreshing summer drink to kick start your day.

New season Seedless Watermelon from Bundaberg and Lockyer Valley are a refreshing, juicy option and will be appearing in your local fruit and veg shop this week. Perfect for an after-school snack to hydrate and tame those tired, hungry ones. For a super healthy twist, whip up a jug of Watermelon Crush!

Valencia Oranges from Mildura Victoria and Leeton New South Wales are sweet and succulent eating. High in fibre, vitamin C, potassium and choline, cut Oranges into wedges, for the perfect school lunchbox treat or with some freshly squeezed Orange juice, treat the kids to some Orange Jelly Bites!

Tasmania is continuing to produce Raspberries and Blackberries at good prices. Both are tasty, portable snacks to help go from “hangry” to happy. Mix them in your favourite morning cereal with yogurt, add to your smoothies or pop them into the lunchbox for a fuss-free snack. Cherries are also still value and at their peak eating, so don’t forget to pick up a bag to munch on this week.

If you’re craving a hot chip or French fry, don’t despair! There are no shortages of Brushed Potatoes at your local fruit and veg shop! Supply from Victoria and South Australia is steady. Brushed Potatoes are grown in rich volcanic soil, high in nutrients, cook beautifully and last longer than washed varieties. Grab a bag today and feed your craving with hand cut chips.

Green Capsicums from Stanthorpe are at their eating best and in plentiful supply this week. There are so many excellent health benefits to adding Capsicums to your diet. They are known to reduce anxiety, boost immunity, improve eye and bone health and protect from chronic disease. What’s not to love! Toss one in your grocery basket today!

Stanthorpe and Bundaberg continue to produce high quality Zucchinis. Perfect for salads, sides and savoury dishes, nourish your body with this easy yet tasty mid-week recipe, Caramalised Zucchini, Olive, Lentil and Almond Salad.

Local Cherry Tomatoes are in steady supply this week and perfect as a little pop of flavour, served fresh and sliced in a salad or roasted with garlic for a homemade flavour packed pasta sauce. Tomatoes are a reliable option to help with this week’s meal prep! Enjoy a Cherry Tomato Cous Cous Salad tonight.

Gatton and Bowen Corn is in steady supply at the moment. Corn is naturally low-fat and provides about 100 calories by ear, is high in fibre and keeps you feeling fuller for longer.  By opting to try out a Grilled Corn and Zucchini Salad, you’ll keep your grocery costs and calories down this week.

Micro Herbs from Byron Bay will add a splash of fancy (and flavour) to any mid-week meal. Micro herbs are in excellent supply and are great eating this week. Ask your local fruit and veg shop for a punnet today.

Stanthorpe Parsley is in abundance this week, with exceptional growing conditions. Parsley is one of the most popular herbs and is a versatile flavour maker. Use in soups, salads, stews and meat dishes, it has endless uses. Throw a bunch in your trolley today. For a twist on a favourite, try this tasty, quick recipe Spiced Chicken with Cauliflower and Broccoli Tabouli.

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