Brisbane Produce Report

9 December

Find a bounty of deliciously fresh summer produce at your local fruit and veg shops this week with a stunning display of summer fruit. Keeping your energy levels up throughout the day in warmer weather is so important, and what could be better than some deliciously juicy produce from your local fruit and veg shop!

Our pick of the week is the Lychee. Perfectly sweet and fragrant, Lychees from Mareeba are in good supply. Peel some for a quick snack or add to a fruit salad for a tasty twist! Lychees are a great source of vitamin C and dietary fibre.

Mangoes of all varieties are in abundance this week from North Queensland.  Summer isn’t complete without a mango smoothie or ice cream, and with such wonderful Mangoes available now, it’s prime time to get your mango fix! Cool down with our Mango Iced Tea this weekend.

Gold Pineapples are great eating and in steady supply from North Queensland.  Packed sweet, juicy goodness, they are loved by many. Eaten alone or added into spicier meals like curry or stir-fry for a sweet boost of flavour. Enjoy a taste sensation with a Pineapple and Chicken Stir-fry.

Stone fruit is still in good supply this week, with a range of options available from Stanthorpe. Choose from White and Yellow Nectarines, Apricots and Plums to take on the go for a light morning snack. Yellow Peaches are also a great option this week. Have a hankering for something sweet, without the guilt? Try our Peach Donuts for a fun snack to make with the kids!

As the season continues, Cherries are improving in quality and taste, arriving at the Market from New South Wales and Victoria, just in time for the summer break. Pick up some delicious Cherries for your weekend breakfast spreads or pop them on the table for a delicious snack everyone will love. The Cherry season only lasts 100 days, so get in quick this summer! Sip a Cherry Sangria at your next party!

Lemons from Gayndah and Bundaberg are in good supply this week. Large and thick skinned, these Lemons make for great juicing and add a kick to a salad dressing, marinade or fruit juice. Impress your friends and go a little bit gourmet with a Lemon Mud Cake.

Lettuce is the unsung hero of the dinner table during summer. Adding a refreshing flavour and crisp texture to salads or added to sandwiches for a little extra crunch from Toowoomba and Stanthorpe. Pick some up in your local fruit and veg shop for a great price. Store to last by removing the core, wash thoroughly under cold water, remove excess water and place in an airtight container on paper towel in the fridge crisper.

Lo Bok or White Radish adds a peppery kick to your summer salads! This crunchy veg from Caboolture is great eating and a good price at the moment. The humble White Radish will surely improve your meals this season.

Celery is still in good supply and is great full flavoured eating, coming in from the Stanthorpe and Toowoomba regions. Add to a salad, build flavours in soup, or use in healthy, vitamin packed smoothie.  Experiment with a Thai Celery Salad or add Apple, Lime juice or Cucumber to your smoothie for some extra flavour!

Another great choice this week are Zucchinis from Caboolture. Zucchini is a versatile vegetable that has more potassium than a banana and no cholesterol or unhealthy fats. Checkout these six ideas for using up your Zucchini!

Sweet Corn from the Lockyer Valley and Darling Downs is also in abundance and tasty eating. Add to a summer salad for a crunchy component or chargrill with some butter and herbs on the barbie. Both Zucchini and Sweet Corn are a good price now so enjoy a delicious and cheap mid-week meal of Zucchini and Sweet Corn fritters.

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