Critical hub to aid response

Work to demolish and rebuild Building H into an upgraded workshop, disaster management hub and critical spares storage facility is well underway, with the project on track to be completed in October 2024.

The Ground Level tilt slab walls being put in place during May.

Demolition of the aging building was completed over the summer holiday period with sewerage and stormwater relocation works commencing in late January and completed in March. Bulk earth works were also complete during March, with over 1,600 m3 of fill removed as part of these works.

Steel work and concrete footings were installed in April and the Ground Level tilt slab was in place mid-May.

The new storage facility will increase flood resilience on site, providing secure storage above recent peak flood levels for high value critical parts and equipment, as well as a disaster control centre for BML staff members who remain on site to assist with the coordination of preparation and recovery works in the event of a future flood.

Upon completion, Building H will feature a high-level loading dock for equipment receivals; secure, racked storerooms for critical spare parts and staff work areas on the upper level, above flood height, and connected to the Multi-level Car Park to allow for access during flooding events. The ground level will continue to provide storage and work areas.

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