CUA Pump Station flood mitigation

Flood mitigation works to elevate critical electrical infrastructure, including main building distribution boards and key sewer pump station control panels, is well underway.

In the 2023 financial year, seven elevated structures for electrical control panels and distribution boards were installed at Buildings I, M, Q, P, R, T, X and Z, elevating each building’s main and tenancy distribution boards above flood level.

Detailed designs for the raising of pump station control panels and generators at Buildings R, Z and the Covered Unloading Area (CUA) were completed in March, with works completed on the CUA pump station in July 2023.

The new pump station structures elevate critical components, providing flood immunity up to 9.5 m AHD to infrastructure that supports the sewerage network, reducing the time it takes to prepare for and recovery from a flood event.

The project to raise essential services will continue progressively over future years, with these works complimenting BML’s earlier flood mitigation projects to raise all main distribution boards following the 2011 flood event.

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