Finishing touches underway at Building H1

Only finishing touches remain outstanding on the $23.2 million, 5,987 m² Building H1 development ahead of its practical completion expected in mid-March.

Installation of concrete kickers and doorways is currently in progress, with over 700 m of concrete kickers installed so far. Also underway is the installation of concrete hardstand for the small vehicle docks at the southern elevation of the new warehouse and distribution centre.

The Building H1 development is just weeks away from completion.

The final stages of high level and office space services are currently being progressed, including electricity, communications networks, fire safety (sprinkler systems and hydrants), stormwater, sewer and potable water.

Fittings and furnishings are being installed in the main office areas, which is to be housed over two levels, along with the finalisation cosmetic and usage fixtures, including end of line services, such as overhead lights, data points, powerpoints and other electrical fittings, painting and floor coverings throughout the warehouse and office spaces.

Once complete, Building H1 will feature a roof top garden providing space for educational, edible gardens, with garden boxes set to be installed prior to practical completion. External landscaping will also commence over the coming weeks.

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