Fire protection upgrade works ramp up

After a brief break for the holiday period, works have recommenced on the installation of the new Brisbane Markets dry fire detection system.

Significant work has gone into the planning and preparation of the site-wide system. Scoping works have begun in all buildings across this site, with each at varying stage of progress, from design refinement to nearing construction.

Stage 1 has focused on the Central Trading Area, given the Building C main fire panel is the central link point for communications with the Queensland Fire and Emergency Service, along with the installation of fire detection cabling networks within individual buildings across this site.

Due to the nature of the project, BML has several teams of technicians working on different stages simultaneously.

The new system was designed with flood mitigation at the fore, with all new FIPs installed above peak flood levels and controlled via removable mimic panels installed at monitoring level.

While the panels are designed to be removed ahead of any future flood event, the FIPs will remain unaffected ensuring the dry fire system maintains full functionality in the event of a future natural disaster.

The site-wide dry fire system is projected to be completed by early 2025.

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