Fire safety at Brisbane Markets: what we do and why we do it

For the past month, fire alarms have been ringing across the Brisbane Markets site. But instead of warning of impending danger, these alarms signal compliance done right.

The Queensland Government’s fire safety regulations require Tenants of commercial premises to participate in periodic fire evacuation drills, to establish fire evacuation procedures and assist employees in locating the closest assembly point to their premises, amongst other statutory requirements.

At Brisbane Markets, these statutory obligations mean yearly fire evacuation drills for every building on site, and monthly testing of fire indicator panels and sprinkler pump systems. However, Brisbane Markets Limited (BML) doesn’t stop there.

Along with these responsibilities as the Brisbane Markets landlord, BML also manages the inspection and servicing of portable fire equipment every six months to ensure a consistent site-wide approach and reduce the compliance burden on Brisbane Markets Tenants.

Each Tenant must nominate a Fire Warden to coordinate the evacuation in the event of a fire alarm.

Tenant Fire Wardens assist BML’s Area Wardens and are the key communication point for their business during emergency events as well as being responsible for emergency evacuations plans, escape routes and the locations of fire services.

Generally, Tenants should nominate one warden for every 20 persons working in or from the tenancy.

All Tenants are required to provide contact details of their nominated Fire Warden to BML by sending to

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