Forklift registrations due by end of June

All Brisbane Markets Limited (BML) forklift registrations need to be renewed by 30 June 2022.

By now, Tenants would have received an email from BML which includes a link to an online form which Tenants can use to complete renewals and new forklift registrations.

The online form lists all of the forklifts currently registered with BML for each business. In order to renew your registrations, you will simply need to confirm the following for each forklift operated in any common areas within this site:

  • the fuel type, i.e. diesel, LPG, electric, petrol or dual fuel;
  • whether an Automatic Fuel Limiting (AFL) valve has been fitted; and
  • whether the forklift has a speed governor or speedometer fitted.

New forklifts that have been added to Tenant fleets can also be registered using this form and Tenants will be issued with masthead stickers for any new forklifts.

Once the details of all forklifts are confirmed, the online form will automatically check that the Queensland conditional registration is current and calculate the total forklift registration fee ($310 incl. GST per forklift).

It is BML’s preference that all 2022/23 forklift registration labels be mailed to your postal address, however, there will be an option to confirm on the form if you need to arrange collection from BML’s Site Service Centre.

Once all declarations on the form have been completed, click “Submit” and an invoice for the total registration fee will automatically generate and be added to Tenants’ BML accounts.

The diagram below shows where the 2022/23 registration labels should be placed and, if you have any new forklifts, where the masthead sticker should be placed.

Unless Tenants have nominated to collect their forklift registration labels from the Site Service Centre, there is no need to attend the Site Service Centre to renew forklift registrations. You will be notified by email once your registration labels are either ready for collection or have been posted to you.

Location of forklift registration stickers.

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