Four Tips To Help You Choose The Best Flowers

Selecting your flowers is as easy as choosing the freshest bunch. Of course, if you buy directly from
the Brisbane Flower Market the quality and freshness cannot be beaten, which makes it an easier
decision for you.
Brisbane Flower Market wholesalers can provide you with specific care and advice relating to the
type of arrangement and variety of flowers. Be sure to ask when you’re in store or contact our
wholesalers directly.
Read on for our top tips on choosing the best bunch of flowers.

  1. Turn the bunch upside down and look at the cut stem ends. They should look freshly cut
    (white/green).  If they have split, dark or curling stem ends, they are most likely old flowers.
  2. Flowers at any retail outlet should be in water, so check the cleanliness of the water and
    the container. If the water is not clean and clear, steer away from buying these flowers.
    Tulips are an exception to this rule.  If you find tulips in ‘muddy’ water that’s actually a great
    sign as that will not harm this flower.
  3. Leaves start to die before the flower, so you can look for signs of yellowing or blotching in
    the leaves as an indication of freshness. This is especially useful when buying lilies or
  4. Last but not least, have a good look at the flowers and buds. Many flower buds will open
    well in your vase so choose the bunch with the fewest open flowers. There are a few
    flowers, like gerberas that need to be bought fully open.
    All of our Brisbane Flower Market wholesalers are experts when it comes to choosing the best bunch
    of flowers, so be sure to ask if you have any questions.


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