Fresh Source – Summer 2019

The summer edition of Fresh Source Magazine is now available.

While the hard times continue for the state’s growers, innovation blossoms during adversity. In this edition you can read about growers investigating business plans to adapt to unpredictable weather (pages 8 and 28) and diverse stakeholders joining together to find long-term solutions for water security (pages 9 and 10).

You can also read about all the finished projects and new developments at Brisbane Markets on page 18 and 19, as well as an overview of the fabulous Brisbane Produce Market events that have occurred since July on pages 20 to 25.

Continuing our look into perspectives on the fresh produce supply chain, we speak to a grower, a wholesaler and a retailer about the opportunities and the challenges for horticulture. You can read all about it on pages 26 to 28.

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