Fresh Source – Winter 2020

The winter edition of Fresh Source Magazine is now available.

In this edition we look at the impact of the COVID-19 health crisis on seasonal workers (page 6-7), consumer habits (page 9), Brisbane Markets® (page 14-15), and exports (page 36-37).

While field days, conferences and gala dinners have been cancelled across the country, the Australian Melon Association has found a new way to connect their members with seed variety trials (page 10).

We talk to GNL Produce about their 30 year anniversary at Brisbane Markets (page 15) and look at the women taking up diverse roles in fresh produce (page 17).

In Fresh Perspectives (page 23-25), we talk to young guns in horticulture who have taken on the family business and how they have had to adapt to the health crisis.

As VegNET enters the second phase, we take a closer look at the research development officers who call Queensland home (page 33).

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