Infrastructure reaches new heights in flood mitigation

The first stage of the project to raise critical infrastructure across the Brisbane Markets site was completed in March and the second stage is now well underway.

Stage 1 saw the installation of elevated structures for electrical control panels and distribution boards at across eight buildings, allowing main and tenancy distribution boards to be elevated above flood level.

Platforms, walkways and access stairs are being installed in Brisbane Markets buildings to elevate critical infrastructure.

The structures elevate critical components, providing flood immunity up to 9.5 m AHD to infrastructure that supports the sewerage network, reducing the time it takes to prepare for and recovery from a flood event.

The Covered Unloading Area (CUA) pump station control panels and generators were also raised as part of Stage 1, and new connections for power supply through main switch and distribution boards.

Stage 2 involves relocating building main distribution boards to raised platforms, including stairs and walkway access. Designs for the building main distribution boards, access stairs and walkways for Buildings J, U and W were completed in January and the installation of the concrete footing, main distribution board, plant deck and walkway were completed in April and May 2024.

The upgrade of sewerage pump station control panels to a removable, plug and play system at Buildings J1, M1 and O is expected to commence in line with the raising of the building main distribution boards at Buildings U and W, expected to be complete in mid-June to facilitate power changeover from the old to the new distribution boards.

The project to raise essential services will continue progressively over future years, with these works complimenting BML’s earlier flood mitigation projects to raise all main distribution boards following the 2011 flood event.

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